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Key Points

  • Helps in the safe evacuation of a person with limited mobility
  • Tapered for patient comfort
  • Heat resistent
  • Stretcher like design
  • Single person operation
  • Unrolls for instant use
  • Fluorescent yellow straps for detection is low light
  • Glides over all types of surfaces

Text of Video

In this video, you the learn about the AlbacMat Rescue Mat designed for the safe evacuation of persons with limited mobility.  The AlbacMAt Rescue Mat is designed for the fast and safe evacuation of children or adults unable to move themselves from emergency situations to a safe place.  It is a self-contained unit that rolls out to about the size and shape of a sleeping bag with a flexible polycarbonate base that glides easily over carpet, vinyl, concrete, even grasss without building up heat.

Here’s how it works:

Hold the mat out in front of you by the top handle, with the AlbacMat name facing away from you.  You’ll see a Velcro securing tab.  Just release it, and with a flick of the wrist type motion, just let the mat unroll next to your child; help your child onto their side, tuck the mat firmly against them and roll them back onto the mat.

Tuck their feet into the pocket at the bottom of the mat.  Make sure the child is centered on the AlbacMat and then fasten the Velcro straps along the sides of the rescue mat firmly against their chest and knees.  If the top strap too high to be placed across the child’s chest, fasten only the bottom strap over their legs.  The top chest strap would then be used as the moving strap by joining the Velcro together above the child’s head.

If the child is on the bed, turn the AlbacMat vertically to the bed, hold the handles by their head, and gently slide them from the bed to the floor head first.  Note how to use your though and knee to support the weight  and cushion the impact of being lowered to the floor.  The polypropylene board will also cushion any bumps while in transit and the entire device is heat resistant.

It is recommended that you use the handles at the head of the rescue mat to pull your child to safety, but if you find yourself in a narrow hallway or room, there are handles at the foot of the AlbacMat that will make it easier to maneuver. If you need to help get the child down a flight of stairs, grip the AlbacMat securely by the top corners.  Use your knee and upper leg as a brace to support the child.  You can see the flexibility of the mat allows the child to e in an almost upright seating position.  Gently go down the stairs one at a time.

Like anything else, care and maintenance your Albacmat will give it long life and assure you that is will be ready the instant that you need it.  Every few months, unroll your mat, flip it over and reverse roll it once, loosely to get the kinks out.  Then re-roll it into is correct position and put it back in storage. Speaking of storage, the best place is somewhere clean and dry and easy to get to in case of an emergency like by the bed, in a common hall closet, or under a wheel chair.  Once a month, it is a good idea to get the whole family together for a practice session, just to keep everyone on their toes and prepared for any emergency.  Notice that the instructions for the Albac Mat are on the front on an easy to read label so even someone who’s never seen the AlbacMat will be able to assist in the safe escape.

After each use, the AlbacMat Rescue Mat should be carefully inspected for damage.  Look closely at the stitching on the handles and the straps for any breakages or signs of wear.  Check the stitching around the polypropylene board.  If it’s worn or broken, the strength of the material will be weakened, causing the mat to fail in future rescue attempts.  Re-stitching is not recommended.  Instead, the best and safest thing to do is to replace the mat.  Finally, be sure to check the underside of the polypropylene board for signs of grazing larger than your fist or punctures that would allow gravel to flow through to the child’s side.

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