Safety 1st Refrigerator Door Lock

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Safety 1st


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7.63" H x 3.63" W x 1.13" D

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Key Points

  • May help prevent children from getting into the refrigerator
  • Consists of a self-adhesive latch
  • Latch should sit unlatched for 24 hours to allow adhesive to bond
  • Requires additional lock for freezer or side-by-side refrigerators

Text of Video

In this video you’ll learn about the Safety 1st Refrigerator Door Lock and how it can prevent your children from opening the refrigerator and taking out foods that could be dangerous to them.

Here’s how to install and use it:

The refrigerator door surfaces must be flush for the Refrigerator Door Lock to work properly. Most are, but if there’s a problem, use the spacers provided to obtain a flat even surface. Clean and dry the surface before applying. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive. With the latch locked in place, attach the unit to the refrigerator, high enough up that your smaller children cannot reach it. Remember to give the adhesive 24 hours to cure before using the latch. Simply disconnect the lock portion for 24 hours so that you can still access your refrigerator.

For everyday use, be sure the red disable button sticks out. To open the refrigerator door, press the top of the latch, open the door, and release the latch.  You can disable the push-to-release lock while you’re cooking and having to get in and out of the refrigerator a lot. Just press the top of the latch and then press the red disable button. To reactivate the latch, press the button from the opposite side causing the red disable button to stick out.

You’ll need one lock for standard refrigerators (two, if you want to latch the freezer compartment), and you’ll need two locks for side-by-side models. Please remember that this product is not a substitute for adult supervision.

Product Instructions

Download and read the complete set of instructions before using this product.

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