Kidde 2-Story Escape Ladder-In-store or Curbside Pickup Only

In-store or Online Pickup Only-Call 317-274-6565 or email to order.
Product Description:
To help provide a supplemental escape from windows during a fire
  • To help provide a supplemental escape from windows during a fire
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Flame-resistant webbing
  • Anti-slip rungs
  • 1,000 lb weight capacity
  • 13 feet in length (2 story) 
  • In-store or Curbside Pickup Only
  • Call 317-274-6565 or email to order.

Video appears below.

Text of Video: A small fire can feed on itself and in the blink of an eye, your home is in flames. If your bedrooms are on the second floor and the hallway leading out to safety becomes blocked, inaccessible, or unsafe because of the fire, will you have another way out? In this video, we'll introduce you to the KIDDE  Fire Escape Ladder, and show you how it can save your life if you're caught in a fire in a 2 story home. The ladder is lightweight and easy to use.  It has flame resistant webbing and anti-slip rungs, and it’ll hold up to 1000 lbs. It is approximately 13 feet long – that’s about 2 stories. When it’s extended from the window, the bottom step of the ladder must be close enough to the ground to allow for a safe escape. Do not use this ladder from heights greater than 14 feet – it could be dangerous and you could get hurt. Also, this ladder is only to be used to evacuate during an emergency, not for any other purpose. Also, this ladder is for one time use only. If you have experienced a fire in your home, and used the ladder, you should purchase a new ladder. You can keep it under the bed or by the window, and it can be ready to use in less than a minute.
Here’s how to use it: The first thing you do is close the doors to the room before opening the escape window to avoid intensifying the fire. 
The window you’re going to use for escape should have a maximum 11-inch thickness and a minimum 16-inch width. It must be able to support the load of persons using the ladder and must not be obstructed by fences, bars, or electrical wires. Now, open the attachment hooks and extend the center support. Place the hooks over the window sill so that the ladder is on the outside of the home. The red side of the hooks must be outside the window, the white side will be inside the window.
Pull the release straps to release the ladder. Carefully climb through the window and step down onto the ladder, holding on to the attachment hooks for stability.
When climbing down the ladder, keep your body close to the ladder so that the ladder stays steady and stable. Carry children on the ladder only when it is absolutely necessary. Avoid carrying pets or other objects down the ladder. In a family escape, the parent should climb down first to keep the ladder under control when children or elderly adults are climbing down. Be careful not to break the glass in adjacent windows when you’re climbing down the ladder. Before you ever need to use the escape ladder, plan and practice an escape plan – and practice positioning the escape ladder on the window. DO NOT PULL THE RELEASE STRAP TO RELEASE THE LADDER unless there’s an actual emergency.

Product Description:
To help provide a supplemental escape from windows during a fire