Safety 1st Nasal Aspirator

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Nasal Aspirator
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When your baby gets a runny nose, this nasal aspirator will gently remove excess mucus with gentle suction that clears congestion to make breathing easier and clearer. The suction is gentle enough to be used on newborns and infants.  The soft, flexible tip is comfortable enough to be used on baby’s nostril so that you can quickly help them breathe easier.  The nasal aspirator is reusable and easy to clean.  Just suction up some warm soapy water, give it a shake, squeeze it back and then repeat with clean water.  

Safety 1st believes parenting should have fewer worries and more joyful moments. As the first and only leader in child safety, Safety 1st is here to give you peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying every first you experience with your child.

  • Safety 1st Improved Nasal Aspirator, White
  • Gentle suction clears baby’s breathing passages
  • Soft, flexible tip is comfortable for your baby
  • Improved design for better suction
Product Description:
Nasal Aspirator